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The entrepreneur, Tor Jo Riise Meyer, has a background in entrepreneurial work in computing and mobile solutions. He, along with his wife and business partner- Raluca Meyer, who is a designer and an architect by profession, created, developed and tested an innovative “white label” hybrid LBS solution, in order to move web applications onto a mobile platform and take advantage of the features found in a smart phone today. This technology has now developed into a web to mobile platform that collects and convey critical medical information and locations data in a health emergency situation. The service and technology is developed after a serious emergency situation for Tor Jo Meyer. Since he had problems with communicating with the ambulance personnel, they had problems in finding important medical information necessary to start his treatment as fast as possible. Tor Jo Meyer noted all the questions they had in his iPad and thought that this could be solved if he would have used the technology he had worked with before. The architecture and technical description was conceived the next weeks in the hospital.


Our vision:

We help people anywhere to feel safer and get access to relevant health and rescue services in institutions at home, in the office, on vacation, studying or travelling.
Our platform contributes to effective solutions for personal health and safety outside the hospital environment.
We provide software for mobile and web for pre- hospital services, campus security, homecare, personalised security alarms and medical sensors for effective and cost efficient collection and monitoring of information.
Over the last years we have built a modular platform for home care and safety based on open standards.
The basic iGT alarm platform (iGT PaaS) secures a stabile and safe environment for back office services.
The solution is modular and based on a standard Microsoft platform.

An intuitive user interphase makes it easy to integrate alarm and health related sensors, third-party medical journals and other customer critical software solutions.
The iGT PaaS basic system consists of alarm receipt, software platform, resource management tools; (APP’s alarm APP’s, map modules, log and personal health journal).
The alarm platform can be configured in logical decision structures on four different levels, Alarms and protocols are easy to set-up for the individual users through the user friendly UI.
Security and protection of personal information is guarantied through strong crepitation and logging routines.

Our platform is cloud based and can be easily implemented in a private cloud, either in the customers own server(s), a hosting partners servers, or in our solution hosted in Microsoft AZURE servers.
All our software are easily scalable and can be used by small and medium size companies as well as large organizations, both governmental and private.
Several partners use our platform and have built services on top of the iGT structure:

bSafe you; with two established alarm centrals in South Africa (third party application).
Safe4 Security Group; with Safe4me APP (iGT produced APP and alarm central solution).
Advanced Medical Support: with ”AMS medical dashboard”
Ikomm AS; ”Trygge hjem” Ikomm homecare solution for integrations of welfare technology (currently under development).
CMS Security; with two alarm centrals based on iGT PaaS and bSafe you and bSafe health.


We inspire each other to find new solutions based on our technology and we are closely monitoring the rapid developments within the mobile and web based solutions. We will always seek to improve our products and services, we will look at the best possible way to help and support our end users in a positive and professional manner. IGlobalTracking AS believes that it is imperative to be in front of the general developments to be able to deliver always “up to date” products and services.

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